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The Sark Children’s Protection Panel was set up to ensure that a system was in place to deal with the early stages of any child protection case that might arise on Sark. The Panel will meet when a Child Protection case is brought up within the island and they will decide on a way forward. In most cases it is expected that the issue will be suitable to be dealt with within the island, though it may, in serious cases, be necessary for the Panel to refer a case to the Health and Social Services Department in Guernsey. This leaflet was distributed to each household on Sark. It explains the remit of the Panel and how people can contact us if they have any concerns about the safety and well-being of children on Sark.


The Panel is made of the following members

  • Karen Adams
  • Christine Audrain
  • Caragh Couldrige
  • Sam La Trobe-Bateman
  • Sark Constable
  • Sark Doctor
  • Sark School Head Teacher